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Flavor Profile
Our unflavored option, for those who like to add their own flavor, put our products in food or other consumable options, or don’t need the flavor to benefit from using our products.
Product Information
This is a 30ml bottle of CBD liquid. Our 600mg products contains roughly 600 drops of CBD, at 1mg of CBD per drop. Our 1,200mg products contain roughly 600 drops of CBD, at 2mg of CBD per drop.
Dosage Amounts
Generally, it is recommended that users consume 1-6mg of CBD for every 10 pounds they weigh, depending on their intended use of our products. This means a person weighing 180 pounds should expect to take anywhere from 18mg of CBD to 108mg of CBD, for most effective results.
If a 30 ml bottle of CBD contains 600mg of CBD, then each drop will contain approximately 1mg of CBD.
If a 30 ml bottle of CBD contains 1,200mg of CBD, then each drop will contain approximately 2mg of CBD.
Recommended Usage
Use drops under your tongue or in a heating system of your choosing. You can choose to use our CBD products in a diffuser, direct ingestion (by dropping onto or under your tongue), or in a vaporizer. Use tinctures by dropping under your tongue or ingesting in/with food.

Additional information

Weight 3.12 oz
Dimensions 1.18 × 1.18 × 4.78 in
CBD Content

1000mg, 500mg


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